Watch a Time-Lapse of a Canon Camera Shutter Replacement – Fstoppers

Cameras are a mix of electronic and mechanical parts, and sometimes, those mechanical parts will wear out, necessitating a replacement. This neat time-lapse gives a glimpse of one of the most common repairs of that sort: a shutter replacement.

Photographic Repairs is a Cape Town-based business specializing in, well, photographic repairs (and sales). They recently posted this video of a shutter replacement on a Canon 6D. The shutter on that specific model is rated to 100,000 actuations, but the company notes that this particularly camera had over 200,000. 

The first thing I noticed is how tightly packed things are inside that body and how many layers Technician Raymond Whittaker had to go through before he could even access the shutter to begin the repair. The next thing I noticed was how many screws had to be taken out and eventually replaced in the process. Screws are my eternal nemesis; no matter how well I organize them and diagram their placement, I always end up closing the case of whatever I’m working on and noticing I have screws laying on the table still. Anyway, my electronic repair ineptitude aside, it’s a neat look at the intricate inner structure of a DSLR and how it all comes together to become a functioning camera. 


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