New car sales set to fall nearly 5pc as motorists shy away from purchases –

“‘UK car buyers’ love affair with diesels seems to be well and truly over,” said James Baggott, editor in chief of Car Dealer magazine. “Despite being encouraged to buy one a few years ago, now a swirl of negative publicity has rung the death knell for the once popular models.

“That’s a real shame, because for many drivers a modern diesel engine, which complies to Euro 6 regulations, is actually far more economical and efficient, if they travel long distances regularly.

“Manufacturers are ploughing huge resources into launching new electric and hybrid vehicles, so it will be interesting to see if buyers who are ditching diesels swap into these ultra low emissions vehicles instead.

“The overall drop in new car sales is not altogether unsurprising. Political uncertainty surrounding Brexit and a squeeze on spending as prices increase, means often the first thing to be put off is a new car purchase. Car manufacturers and dealers will have to work hard to entice buyers to part with their cash in the next few years.”


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