Microsoft Sweetens ‘Buy a New PC’ Deal for Windows XP Users with $100 Savings – PC Magazine

Well, if the stick doesn’t work, try the carrot. At least, that seems to be Microsoft’s latest inspiration for getting the many, many users still clinging to Windows XP – with 17 days to go before the operating system reaches end-of-life status – to switch on over to a new operating system.

Or, in this case, a new computer.

Microsoft’s latest promotion has the company dishing out a $100 on-the-spot discount for those looking to purchase a new PC or Windows Surface device priced at $599 or more. As always, there are a few catches with the promotion.

First off, you have to actually be browsing Microsoft’s store using a computer that’s running Windows XP in order to even see the offer to begin with. That, or you can take the more fun approach to the promotion: If you physically lug in a Windows XP to a Microsoft Store, they’ll give you the $100 savings. (Here’s hoping your ancient desktop computer is a wee small.)

Second, Microsoft’s promotion only works on “select PCs,” and it’s unclear from the online store just what, exactly, the instant savings will apply to. That’s a smidge frustrating on Microsoft’s part, and it just might be worth a trip to said retail store (or a quick phone call) to ensure that the new system you’re interested in picking up actually works with the $100 discount.

Finally, Microsoft is also offering up “free premium phone, chat, and sales support for virtually anything you need on your new computer for the first 90 days” as part of the promotion, in addition to free access to the Laplink data migration service to get your files from your legacy XP machine to your new system (assuming you didn’t just leave it at said Microsoft Store when lugging it in for the deal). However, as The Next Web’s Emil Protalinski notes, that’s not really all that much of an offer.

“Three months of free support is already offered with most Microsoft Store purchases, though it’s nice to know it covers both phone and chat options. The free data transfer option meanwhile is available to everyone, thanks to a Microsoft partnership with Laplink,” he writes.

Still, we can’t blame Microsoft for trying. Perhaps as the days get closer to Windows XP’s last hurrah, Microsoft will start sweetening its discounts even more — it did just throw up its initial $50 incentive one week ago, and now we’re already double that!


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