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FOX Sports technicians embed microphones in the turf during the 2017 MLB postseason. For the World Series, there will be 121 microphones spread around the field to pick up every detail.

When it comes to big events, networks love to roll out as much technology as they can muster. From the Super Bowl to the Indianapolis 500 to the World Series, networks go to their tech arms and work to get as much wiz-bang into the mix as possible given the large audiences that flock to watch.

For Fox, the 2017 World Series is a chance to push not only the visual elements but the audible ones, as well.

This is the 20th year that Fox has aired the World Series, and with it, they’re going further than ever before to get you inside the game.

To start, the network has deployed a staggering 41 cameras and 121 microphones so you’ll not only see the action from every angle but hear players and umpires no matter where they are on the field.

“We will have eight Super Slow Motion and Hyper Motion Cameras, including the Fox Phantom Cameras, at either side of the plate to capture at-bats and close plays at a blistering 1,500 frames per second,” said Michael Davies, Fox Sports SVP of field and technical operations. “Quite simply, it’s more Motion Cameras in play than at any other baseball game on any network this season.”

In addition, Fox Sports has partnered with SMT and MLB Advanced Media to provide an in-perspective strike zone for both live action and replays. The two partners works together to have SMT provide the live strike zone and from there data is overlaid using MLBAM Statcast radar technology that captures ball speed and location as it travels.

For replays, Fox Sports is using MLBAM’s Pitchcast system that was introduced during the American League Division Series. Unlike the live feed, the replays can shows pitch speed, location and how the ball trails, while splitting the data into different varieties. So it could be used in replays to show first-pitch strikes or pitch sequences.

So how many people does it all take to make happen? Fox Sports will employ an army of over 140 technicians, and 36 support staff that will add up to more than 126 man-hours over the nine days of the Fall Classic if it goes the distance.

Here’s the breakdown of all the tech gadgets and people that will make the World Series on Fox.


Staff & Support

  • 140+ technicians
  • 36 support staff
  • 126+ man-hours over nine days

Field Support

  • 384+ strands of fiber
  • 3+ miles of fiber optic cable
  • 3 edit bays
  • 64TB of shared storage
  • 2 Gbps of data connectivity
  • 12 transmission paths

Cameras and Lenses

  • 30 HD game cameras
  • 4 SSMo 6X (360fps)
  • 1 SSMo 16X (960fps)
  • 2 Xmo (2000fps)
  • 2 RF cameras
  • 1 RF stabilized camera (MOVI)
  • 1 aerial camera


  • 64 record channels
  • 32 playback channels
  • 2,000+ hours of recording capacity


  • Submix
  • All digital audio network throughout stadium
  • 12 RF player, announcer and umpire mics
  • 8 RF FX mics
  • 9 RF base mics
  • 78 field microphones
  • 14 RF infield microphones

Source: Fox Sports


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