IIHS Says Rearview Cameras Alone More Effective than Cameras/Sensors … – DailyTech

Seriously, why do we use mirrors in our cars anymore? We have so many blind spots, and seeing on the eye-level plane is hardly ideal in the first place. On top of that, the removal of side mirrors would improve mileage, cut down cabin noise, and look better.

Beyond all of that, cameras are cheap these days. Dirt cheap. The cameras found in our cell phones are more than good enough to get the job done in a car situation. Slap in some wire, a cheap ARM processor, and replace the instrument panel with an LCD and we are all set. It is not going to add that much weight (no more than a small laptop, minus the weight of the parts replaced), and it does not need to be expensive (except that they will find a way to make it expensive). This is something that should be a standard requirement for every car maker so that we as drivers (and our computer overlords when they start driving us in a few years) will have a much better sense of our surroundings.


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