Plans for speed cameras on Interstate 235 in Windsor Heights were officially scrapped Tuesday night.

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The city dropped its lawsuit against the Iowa Department of Transportation. The Des Moines suburb has been trying for more than a year to install fixed and mobile cameras, but state officials said no.

Windsor Heights sued the department last year, claiming it had vague reasons for denying speed cameras on the interstate.

The department now has more defined rules, and the city is giving up its battle.

“It’s unfortunate. I think there is certainly room for cities with these automated enforcement programs to  work,” Windsor Heights Police Chief Dennis McDaniel said.

Transportation officials disagreed, and they control what happens on state roads.

Windsor Heights residents have been divided on having automated speed cameras on their small section of the freeway.
“You’ve got a law that gives you a speed limit and you ought to obey it,” said Albert Lee of Windsor Heights.
“I don’t know I just say no,” said Shelley Fisher of Windsor Heights.

Windsor Heights police will continue to use two mobile seed cameras. One is in a car officers drive around the city and leave parked on the street. The other is on a trailer with a flashing speed sign. State roads are off limits for now.

“We will not deploy to state roadways, that would be 63rd, Hickman Road and 235. You will not see our mobile units on those roads,” McDaniel said.

Windsor Heights police said even without an automated speed camera, they plan to continue cracking down on freeway speeding with police officers in police cars.