Van Breda wants cameras removed before he testifies – Times LIVE

Henri van Breda is prepared to testify in his own trial – but he wants the cameras turned off.

This came to light in the Western Cape High Court on Monday‚ as the trial resumed after more than 50 days of testimony.

Van Breda’s counsel‚ Piet Botha‚ told Judge Siraj Desai: “I am calling no further witnesses‚ but my client… wishes to testify.”

However‚ he added that regarding the broadcasting of his testimony‚ he would like to apply for this to be disallowed. Botha said‚ “Broadcasting his testimony will only add to what will already be a stressful period for him in the witness box. He has a stutter that gets worse when he is under pressure and also tends to mutter – he has it fairly under control‚ but your lordship will no doubt witness what I am describing.”

Judge Desai said he needed a short break to consider this issue‚ since it was “an unusual” request within an already unusual trial.


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