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Is it time to hit the panic button about the iPhone 8? No, not at all. Because Apple already hit it last month.

Writing for Fast Company, Mark Sullivan describes the indescribable horror.

“Source: A “Sense Of Panic” At Apple As The Next Flagship iPhone’s Software Problems Persist.”

The problems, Sullivan claims, revolve around the implementation of wireless charging.

June was a tense month for the engineers and designers on Apple’s iPhone team with “a sense of panic in the air,” a source with knowledge of the situation tells me.

The Macalope doesn’t doubt someone told Sullivan that. But he also doesn’t think it should be taken very seriously. Because the horny one doesn’t know if you’ve met people before, but they have a tendency to exaggerate for effect. Please feel free to quote that sentence with the preamble “Shocking, if true.”

John Gruber’s take is probably more on the money.

“Apple engineers are panicking” is an exciting story. “Apple engineers are in crunch mode to finish iOS 11.0 just like they are every summer” is not.

…everything I’ve heard suggests it’s the same as usual at this point in the summer: busy down to the wire, yes; frantic panic, no.

The Macalope is sure Apple doesn’t love delaying features until software is ready, but they’re also no stranger to doing it.

Sullivan’s report might be easier to swallow (OK, probably not much) if it hadn’t followed so quickly on the heels of him having written this one:


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