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Solid build and metal casing

Samsung again disappointed with the decision to still wrap the Galaxy S5 in plastic. On the other hand, the already sturdy and metallic iPhone 5S is believed to get a huge bump up in time for the iPhone 6. The replacement is said to be housed in a virtually indestructible Liquidmetal shell.

And to protect the upcoming iPhone from natural wear and tear plus deliberate or accidental abuse, the whole make will be wrapped in sapphire coating in order to maintain the device’s beautiful finish throughout its life cycle.

More efficient storage capacity

Apple has been adamant on its stand against memory expansion, which is considered as one advantage enjoyed by Android devices over the iPhone. However, the tech giant compensates by keeping a trimmed down iOS, not going over 1GB in the last outing, that leaves sufficient digital space for iPhone end-users.

The Galaxy S4 notoriously gobbled up half of the 16GB basic model and experts expect the same from the Galaxy S5, no thanks to the combined weight of Android KitKat and Samsung‘s TouchWiz skin.

Bloatware free

In dealing with its business partners, Apple almost always has its ways and one solid benefit of this is the iPhone is always free of unnecessary applications that only hog device resources. In contradiction, Samsung is seen as too accommodating with its distributors that result into annoying apps residing into the past Galaxy flagships.

The same is expected from the Galaxy S5, which could prove a big turn off for smartphone shoppers, likely prompting them to hold out for the GS5 Google Play Edition. Or they can jump ship instead to the already pure (as expected) iOS-powered iPhone 6.

Better app deployment

It has always been the case – new games and other apps are introduced first, in most instances, on Apple’s mobile platform. Thus, iPhone and iPad users get the upper hand when it comes to enjoying the coolest apps first.

It remains to be seen when parallel app release – simultaneous app launch that is – will occur on iOS and Android. Meantime, it is certain that on debut time the iPhone 6 can count on more exclusive apps compared to the Galaxy S5.

On-time firmware updates

The iPhone 6 is rumoured to show off iOS 8 on launch date and for sure any updates to come after that the device will chew in as soon as possible. Not true with the Galaxy S5 as the platform it stands in is plagued by defragmentation.

While iPhone 6 users will get their firmware update dosage directly from Apple, GS5 owners will take on a more complicated route – from Google to telco then to end users. The whole process takes months or even years before Android device users can finally get the upgrade, by which time another Android build is already in the update pipeline.

So on its projected release date in the second half of 2014, the iPhone 6 will somehow enjoy inherent advantages over that of the Galaxy S5.

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