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3dcart, a leading all-in-one eCommerce solution, announced today the capability to integrate Square’s payment processing features with 3dcart’s eCommerce platform, giving online merchants the option to use Square to receive payments.

The integration allows for next-day direct deposits, enables the merchant to accept all major credit cards at a single rate, and facilitates integration of reporting between online and offline sales. Merchants will now have the option to seamlessly use 3dcart’s full-featured online store platform together with Square’s payment gateway.

Square also features Authorize Only, which allows merchants to authorize a credit card but hold off on processing the payment. This is useful for verifying that funds are available on a card before an order is prepared, or for postponing collection of funds until later.

Additionally, card information can be kept on file to let customers save time during checkout, reducing one of the main causes of cart abandonment. In conjunction with 3dcart’s Autoship function, saved card information can be used to set up a subscription option for automatic orders.

For more information about 3dcart’s integration with Square, visit the 3dcart blog.

About 3dcart

3dcart, located in Tamarac, Florida, is an All-in-One eCommerce solution for retailers to build, promote and grow their online stores. 3dcart’s services include the best Technical Support in the industry, 100+ Mobile-Ready Themes featuring the latest technology, order management software, blog, email marketing tools and more. Since 1997, the company has been a leader in the eCommerce market, building online stores for businesses of all sizes. Today, 3dcart supports over 17,000 retailers, is Visa PCI Certified and a Google Partner.

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