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Thank you for having me.

What is editorial list.com?

It is really born out of my cofounder and i having worked for fashion magazines for many years.

We realized we were starting to consume media more and more online on a daily basis.

It was really a marriage of the two to create a more efficient model where instead of flipping through a print magazine and ripping out your favorite page, it was immediate fulfillment, immediately gratification.

You could shop a digital fashion magazine as curated by top fashion editors.

So, you have stories on items and top picks and lots of interesting things, and then you can actually go and purchase on the site.


How do you keep the two clear?

You are selling an item and someone says i would like you to write a positive story.

How do you keep everything clear?

We do.

If it is directional that needs to register on the radar for our customers, we cover it.

We can help a customer who is interested in a product source it from wherever it is found.

From there, we also put in the pieces we buy stock into on our e-commerce side, and those are the immediate click to buy options.

It is a more authentic proposition.

We are standing behind our editorial buying with their collections and the brands we believe in.

So you buy stock on the retail side.


Is it only stuff on the retail side you have written about?

It’s across the board.

It’s a disruptive model to traditional publishing and also traditional retail in the sense that both are informing each other and it’s the marriage of the two and one environment.

It’s kind of like reading your favorite magazine, saying that’s a really cool shoe and now i can just diet.


There are other luxury e-commerce sites out there whether it is pret-a-porter or others.

Is the distinction the retail?

With retail being tricky right now and with media being tricky right now, everyone is realizing that you need a curated environment.

Everyone is chasing duration.

You’re seeing a lot of traditional print media partnering with e-commerce to fulfill the demand for the editorial in real-time.

Conversely, you are seeing the traditional e-commerce is layering on content and taste makers to contextualize it.

Those are our competition, but editorial is first.

It is a fully optimized iteration of this new retail.

The reader can tell the difference.

If it is a product that is being promoted because it is already carried, that is on top of the editorial content.

You are devoted to the online world, but i see in your hand that you have a traditional printed editorial list.

Our average site visit is eight minutes and 22 seconds.

We are showing a really engaged audience.

A lot of that is the credit to the editorial.

The print issue is really an outgrowth of the rich editorial content from taste makers to celebrities speaking to their personal style to style guides instructing how to wear pieces in season.

All of that was so rich online, we decided to do a print iteration.

It’s a great way to put it in a place where somebody is not necessarily online, but you are going to do it in hotels and things.


Of the business model is going to be advertising and then making a percentage off the retail sales?

How does that work.

We just opened our advertising platform to luxury advertisers.

Print moving forward will be sustained by advertising.

We also have e-commerce on the backend.

And you have celebrities talking it up to, which always helps.

We have about 30 seconds left.

Six months from now, 12 months from now, where do you expect to be?

We expect print in our content to be its own franchise and to be a powerful voice within the industry.

There is a lot of noise.

There is a lot of gray space online.

For the luxury section of the market itches really last two — which is really last to jump on the bandwagon, they will bring their equity online.

I think william — i think print will be huge for us.

Do you have investors?

We do.


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