Chip Kelly tells DeSean Jackson to not worry, work hard –

DeSean JacksonAP

We mentioned this morning DeSean Jackson’s social media update, suggesting that he talked with Eagles coach Chip Kelly.

Now, we have at least one version of part of the discussion.

According to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News, a source close to Jackson described Kelly’s message as “don’t worry about anything and keep working hard and be ready for camp.”

Now, that could mean many things, up to and including “be ready for MY camp.”

But it might mean nothing.

With General Manager Howie Roseman clamming up on the subject of Jackson when talking to reporters yesterday, it’s hard to imagine a situation which had been reported to be so ugly is so beautiful now.

More pragmatically, Kelly’s perhaps just buying a little time, trying to keep Jackson from popping off while working to move him to another team in trade, or giving it time to cool down so they can mend fences.


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