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No one in Oregon holds more sway over the global tech ecosystem than Intel Chairman Andy Bryant, 63, an unassuming figure who nonetheless played a commanding role for 13 years as the chipmaker’s chief financial officer and continues to lead the business as its executive chairman.

Monday, the Technology Association of Oregon named the Hillsboro executive the recipient of this year’s lifetime achievement award, to be presented at the annual Oregon Technology Awards on April 24.

I profiled Bryant in 2012, the week he took over as chairman – 31 years into his Intel career. At the time, Bryant described himself as a “devil’s advocate” inside the company.

“I don’t yell. I don’t scream. I don’t insult. I ask the hard questions. At least, I try to do that,” he said.

Here’s how I described Bryant:

A refugee from Detroit’s fading auto industry, Bryant joined Intel as a junior finance officer in 1981. He caught the ear of legendary chief Andy Grove and earned a reputation for dogged persistence that belied his mellow, Midwestern bearing.

Slightly rumpled, with a beard that masks a ruddy complexion, Bryant weathered the company’s tempestuous culture and thrived as a kind of Columbo figure who cut through the testosterone-fueled bluster around him.

Though Intel’s largest and most advanced operations are in Washington County, the company’s headquarters are in Silicon Valley and many of the companies executives are more oriented toward California than Oregon. Bryant, though, has been quietly active in a handful of Oregon companies – he serves on Columbia Sportswear’s board, and was on the board of Kryptiq Corp. before that company sold to Surescripts in 2012.

A collection of past lifetime achievement award winners selected Bryant for this year’s honor.

Past recipients include Kirby Dyess (Austin Capital Management), Jack Wilborn (KPMG), Dick Knight (Portland State University), John Harker (InFocus Corp.), Bill Lattin (Lattin Enterprises), and Frank Gill (Intel).

Bryant receives his honor April 24, at Oregon tech’s annual awards dinner at the Portland Art Museum.


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