2014 MacBook Air Release Will Be Thinner and Fanless: Top Features to Expect – International Business Times AU


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It trickled down to iPad screens starting March 2012. In 2013, Apple included it in their iPad mini edition. Even the MacBook Pro line received a Retina treatment. Despite the constant talk about the Air with Retina, it did not materialize not until possibly this year. 

According to a report by Tech Times, a source leaked information to a Chinese forum about the next MacBook Air. As mentioned, the device will be a 12-inch Retina notebook. It will come with an ultra-thin redesign case without fan plus a new trackpad without the mechanical button. 

The report also added that Apple has already ventured into fan-less computers without the risk of overheating. The company has a range of iOS catalog devices without the fan. This backs up the idea that the tech giant can pull off a fan-less MacBook Air. Apple has yet to make an announcement about the upcoming laptop line.

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