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2014 MacBook Pro

According to analysts, they believe the refreshed version of the MacBook Pro line will not happen until September. Reports noted that along with the 12-inch MacBook, the new MacBook Pro line may feature a trackpad that does not feature a mechanical button. Apple recently received a patent grant describing the use of a button-less trackpad. It appears the company has not abandoned its venture into expanding touch surface of its products.

Another report from iPhonehacks suggested that the upcoming MacBook series may ship without a fan. It appears Apple has been working on fan-less models. Other reported features include a two-sided display that can allow solar charging. Apple Insider previously reported about a patent describing a MacBook display that functions both as an input and output device. The back side of the display will have embedded solar panels allowing users to control solar charging. 

It is not clear whether Apple will push through with these patents. Nonetheless, analysts believe that the company will not push for patent grants if they do not intend to transform the product line even more. The company will have to make an official announcement about these products. The reported September release will also possibly feature the iWatch.

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