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Adobe recently released the latest version of the desktop version of Lightroom, which is now dubbed “Lightroom Classic CC.” Alongside it, they released Lightroom CC, an entirely new application that moves things to the cloud and seems to be targeted mostly¬†toward advanced amateurs, but that also includes some interesting features along with the ability to integrate with the desktop version pros are used to. This helpful video will get you up and running on the new Lightroom CC.

Coming to you from Jesus Ramirez of the Photoshop Training Channel, this video walks you through all the aspects of the new Lightroom CC application, from layout and importing to editing and exporting. If you’re already a member of Adobe’s $10/month Creative Cloud Photography Plan, you currently have access to both versions of Lightroom along with 20 GB of cloud storage, with the option to upgrade to 1 TB of storage for a total¬†of $10/month or switch to a Lightroom CC only plan with 1 TB of storage for $10/month. Of course, if you’re a working pro, you won’t host all of your images in the cloud, but it will give you some room to maneuver if you decide to use it for on-the-go work. While it’s certainly a different experience, it’s worth checking out!


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