Oppo Find 7 50MP camera samples leak – GSMArena.com

I read you comments and don’t believe!

How many of you really know anything about camera lens/sensor/Image Quallity??

Do you really compare the tiny IMX214 sensor to Lumia 1020 Monster size camera module??

It’s way more easy to put huge camera module with large sensor and lens to get great quality photos like 808 and 1020- but it is much harder to achieve almost(of course 1020 better) 1020 quality with so tiny camera module with smaller sensor and lens!

Do you even know how hard it is to capture so many details with so small lens?

I actually know thing or two and I print large format photos, with the OPPO 50MP pic I can easily print 100*150 cm canvas photos, Oppo’s 50MP interpolation is much better then if I upscale the 13MP photo in Photoshop.

So if you have no clue in Large format printing and photography don’t judge Oppo’s camera.

P.S- Be sure that the RAW files will be much better! besides Nokia,XIAOMI and OPPO- who else gave you the camera Raw option??

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