Photographer in bizarre selfie court battle reveals that being sued by a monkey has left him broke –

In spite of everything, Mr Slater said he does not regret taking the picture of the monkey. On the contrary, he said he is “absolutely delighted”.

“It has taken six years for my original intention to come true which was to highlight the plight of the monkeys and bring it to the world,” he said.

“No one had heard of these monkeys six years ago, they were down to the last thousands.”

He said that thanks to the publicity that his “monkey selfie” attracted, impoverished locals no longer shoot or eat macaques because “The locals used to roast them, but now they love them, they call it the ‘selfie monkey’,” he said.

“Tourists are now visiting and people see there is a longer-term benefit to the community than just shooting a monkey.”


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