Rupert Murdoch’s dynastic epic will deliver more plot twists – The Guardian

So, the older brother becomes “co-chairman” of the empire while the younger brother has to make do with being a mere “co-chief operating officer” of 21st Century Fox. You’d reckon, at first glance, that Rupert Murdoch‘s own game of thrones was well nigh over. Lachlan, after a prolonged, quasi-entrepreneurial sulk, returns to the Westeros fold. James, victim of the Wapping wild lands, has to make do with TV, movies, videos and sundry digital wonders.

There’s no doubt, at first glance, who’s won. Daughter Elisabeth, in many ways the ablest but also most independent of the lot, remains in the land of dragons across the Narrow Sea. Ex-wife Wendi, meanwhile, was cancelled at the end of marital series three, a very conscious uncoupling.

But don’t leap too easily to too many firm conclusions. The blending of co-non-executive chairmanships with co-executive ones is a recipe for co-trouble, on all past experience. King Rupert, even at 83, is not a “co” sort of person. Agreeing to trying to work together again (in a court full of scheming flunkeys with high-sounding titles) is one thing. Actually doing it may be quite another. And, for once, the statutory notice at the foot of 21st Century Fox’s press notice is probably worth a closer read.

“This release contains certain ‘forward-looking statements’, which are based on management’s views and assumptions regarding future events. These forward-looking statements speak only as of the date hereof. Actual results and events may differ materially from these expectations due to factors that are detailed in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. We do not have any obligation to publicly update any of these ‘forward-looking statements’ to reflect subsequent events, circumstances or otherwise, except as required by law.”


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