March Madness: Fantasy baseball draft order and the NCAAs –

Are you in a Fantasy baseball league with a bunch of sports-obsessed superfans? If so, your March likely revolves around preparing for your Fantasy draft/auction and filling out your March Madness brackets.

If you’re the sports-obsessed superfans that you claim, why not combine the two for an intense, strategy-filled midweek experience? How, you ask? The March Madness Fantasy Baseball Draft Order Superdraft (we’re still working on the title).

Here’s what you do: Hold a four-round draft on Tuesday and/or Wednesday in which all your Fantasy baseball compadres take turns selecting teams in the NCAA tournament. You’ll be drafting teams you think will win in Round 2 of the tournament, held Thursday and Friday, in advance of your upcoming fantasy baseball draft.

Here’s where the strategy comes into play: If a team you select wins its Round 2 game, you score points equal to its seed in the NCAA tournament. So much for taking Wichita State with your first pick, right?

Add up points of the winners on each team, and the owner that scores highest gets the first pick of your Fantasy baseball draft. Any time you can tie the fate of Angels outfielder Mike Trout to your favorite double-digit March Madness sleeper, you have to jump at the chance.

Break the ties however you want — coin flip, a game of H.O.R.S.E. in the driveway, whatever. What’s important now is answering the question of how to rank your selections.

Do you prioritize a No. 3 or No. 4 seed that’s a huge favorite like Michigan State or Louisville? Do you dive a little deeper and wade through the always treacherous 5/12 and 6/11 games? Do you target the best toss-up game odds and eyeball Pittsburgh or Oregon? Or do you go for broke out of the gate and target a popular double-digit Cinderella like North Dakota State or Harvard?

I have no advice to give you regarding those decisions. Your strategy will likely be reflected by your brackets — if you’ve talked yourself into one of the 8/9 teams being clearly better than the team they play, I’d go that route with your first pick.

However you go, I wish you luck, you crazy, sports-obsessed superfans.


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