In this stunning video from a Ukrainian soccer game between Dynamo Kiev and Dnipro, a player may have saved his opponent’s life when he used his fingers to unblock the unconscious player’s airway.

The incident began when Kiev’s Oleh Husyev appeared to be knocked out when he took a knee from the Dnipro keeper. While Husyev was on the ground apparently unconscious, a Dnipro player, Jaba Kankava, rushed to his side.

It’s tough to know exactly what happened, but it appears that Kankava reaches into Husyev’s mouth to clear the airway. According to a translation of the Dnipro live match blog, Husyev “swallowed his tongue” and Kankava reached in to pull his tongue aside and allow Husyev to breathe. As soon as he does so, Husyev lurches awake, before players frantically call for medical assistance.

The entire sequence lasted maybe five seconds, but it’s unbelievable to see Kankava react so quickly.

Husyev left the game, but he did appear conscious and OK heading off the field.

(Thanks to Business Insider for sharing.)