Sony NEX-7, $20 Off Kindles, Timbuk2 Bags 25% Off,  [Deals]S

The Sony Alpha NEX-7 is a tiny camera with a huge sensor, and you can get a nice bundle today on eBay for a great price. $950 gets you the camera, kit lens, case, extra battery, and a UV filter. For comparison’s sake, Amazon has never charged less than $998 for the camera and lens by themselves.

Sony Alpha NEX-7 Bundle | $950

Sony NEX-7, $20 Off Kindles, Timbuk2 Bags 25% Off,  [Deals]S

If you or someone you know still doesn’t own a Kindle, today’s a great day to fix that. Amazon has taken $20 off both of their E-ink models, dropping them firmly into impulse buy territory.

The flagship Paperwhite will only set you back $99 today, representing a very rare discount, but if a backlight and touchscreen aren’t worth much to you, Amazon will sell you the older model for just $49 today as well. Even before this promotion, the Kindle was really the only E-reader worth considering, so take advantage of the savings while you can.

Amazon Kindle | $49

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite | $99

Sony NEX-7, $20 Off Kindles, Timbuk2 Bags 25% Off,  [Deals]S

Whether you already use Hulu+, or you’re just curious, here’s a chance to enjoy a free month. Usually, free Hulu+ giveaways are only valid for new accounts, but this time around, existing customers can get in on the action as well. Just be sure you’re signed into your account before clicking this link.

Earlier today, Lifehacker declared that Hulu is unmatched when it comes to recently-released TV episodes, and indeed, that was a big motivator for me to cut the cord.

Update: Looks like Hulu killed the deal for existing subscribers, but new subscribers can get two months free from Best Buy. [Via 9to5toys]

Two Free Months of Hulu+ | New Subscribers Only

Sony NEX-7, $20 Off Kindles, Timbuk2 Bags 25% Off,  [Deals]S

Timbuk2 makes some of the best messenger bags, backpacks, and laptop sleeves around, but they aren’t exactly cheap. Luckily, they’ve discounted a huge selection of their most popular products, including the battery-toting Power Commute bag, by up to 25% in celebration of Mardi Gras.

Up to 25% off Timbuk2 Products

Sony NEX-7, $20 Off Kindles, Timbuk2 Bags 25% Off,  [Deals]S

Sony’s MDR-10 headphones have a great reputation, and you can get a wired or Bluetooth pair today from Amazon for $50 off their normal asking price.

Sony MDR10R Stereo Wired Headphones | $100

Sony MDR10RBT Stereo Bluetooth Headphones | $150

Sony NEX-7, $20 Off Kindles, Timbuk2 Bags 25% Off,  [Deals]S

$20 for a 6,000mAh external charger is a great deal no matter what, but this one happens to have two USB ports included, which we usually only see on larger models. The design might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the great reviews don’t lie.

If you need something bigger, this Intocircuit pack features a truly gargantuan capacity, and even has the ability to charge many laptops, in addition to phones and tablets. $75 is as cheap as we’ve ever seen it.

Lepow Moonstone Series 6000mAh External Battery | $20

Intocircuit Power Castle 26,000mAh External Charger | $75

Sony NEX-7, $20 Off Kindles, Timbuk2 Bags 25% Off,  [Deals]S

It doesn’t look like much, but this little HDTV tuner is a must-own for any TV lover. Of course, you can plug it into your PC or Mac to watch over the air programming for free, but you can pair it with several DVR software options to stream live TV to your iOS or Android device. It’s basically your own, private version of Aereo. If you need an antenna to go with it, we like the Mohu Leaf.

HDHomeRun Dual HDTV Digital Tuner | $60

Sony NEX-7, $20 Off Kindles, Timbuk2 Bags 25% Off,  [Deals]S

If you have any home improvement projects coming up, or you just want to outfit your home with some of Home Depot’s exclusive Cree LED light bulbs (also The Wirecutter’s pick), do yourself a favor and keep $5 in your pocket.

$5 Off Any $50 Home Depot Purchase | $50 With Promo Code MARCHHD