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The tennis champion has, perhaps unfairly, always maintained a reputation for being a bit dour.

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His harsher critics might even go as far as to suggest that he is in fact entirely void of personality – a veritable tennis machine set to auto-mood as he fires off at the opposition like a possessed mandroid.

But he gave his audience a rare glimmer of personality during a special edition of Mock The Week.

And he was actually funny on a number of occasions, too.

“Well at least now I’ve won Wimbledon they’ll stop making fun of me on television,” he said during Round 2 of the show.


“This ball’s not as bouncy as it should be. I’ll go to the Doctor’s after the tournament,” he quipped again – probably the lewdest Murray statement you’ll ever likely to read.

“I’ve never noticed before just how beautiful and smooth Rafal Nadal’s skin really is. I wish Kim would shut up, ‘Oh, Nadal, he’s so funny…’”

Watch him in all his glory below.


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