R421X SafariSack I (poly-filled) + Y208 Extension Strap

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  • Bean bag for supporting a camera on the ground or on a vehicle.
  • Poly fill is superior to buckwheat hulls.
  • Designed & Crafted in the USA

Product Description

SafariSack I can be used in three modes:
1) Flat, to support a camera on the ground or on top of a Land Rover or other vehicle.
2) Saddlebag style, by using the two cinch straps for the "folded-in-half" position. (In this mode we recommend only filling the bag about 2/3 full).
A camera can be snugly cradled on top, when the bag is placed over a car window or used on the ground for additional elevation.
3) Ballast, adding one of two sacks to your tripod increases stability when using long lenses or in windy conditions. Filled with sand or water, it can be used as a weight to stabilize light stands.
•Zippered compartment - fill can be dumped directly inside without the need for a liner
•Drape the SafariSack ITM over the edge of a partially raised car window, and you have a steady camera support.
•On the safari, it is often used in the flat mode, on top of the RangeRover. With the sewn-in quick-release strap, it can be securely fastened to the rack on the top of the vehicle.
•Shooters traveling abroad take the empty version and fill it locally with rice, beans or bird seed. Then, upon completion of the shoot, dump the contents, returning home with a empty, compact bag.
•No liner is needed with this bag (unless filled with sand as a ballast). Simply dump filler directly inside - hold the bag vertically and fill (fill to about an inch below the zipper). Depending on the filler, the inside may get dirty. The bag can be inverted and hand washed if desired.
10.25 x 16.5" (flat dimensions)
R421: 6 lb. 15 oz. including filler
Recommended fill volume: 300 cu in or 5.25 qts
26 x 42 cm (flat dimensions)
R421: 3.15 kg including filler
Recommended fill volume: 5 lit

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