Wonder Care Deep Breathing Lung Exerciser | Washable & Hygienic | Breath Measurement System | with Handle

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  • Made of good quality materials that last longer. 3-balls Lung Ecerciser inhaling breath measurement system
  • Helps in achieving maximal lung expansion and strengthening cough effort which helps in maintaining clear airways
  • Can be dismantled and cleaned thoroughly- helps maintain bronchial hygiene and avoids infection
  • Detailed instructions for Exercising, Calculation of Inspired Volume and Cleaning are provided.
  • Three chambers design helps the patient in monitoring their development. Very effective in asthma and building stamina

Product Description

Respiratory meter means "measuring of breath", is a routinely used pulmonary function test (PFT) that measures the amount and speed of air that a person can inhale and exhale.

An incentive respiratory meter is a medical device used to help patients improve the functioning of their lungs in conditions where lung functions are compromised due to various respiratory disorders such as "atelectasis (small airway collapse), bronchial asthma" etc. It enables the patient to exercise his/her lungs without any stress.

Innovative design, can be dismantled into parts for cleaning & disinfection

Tube holder to hold flexible tube while not in use

Useful in restoring and maintaining lungs capacity of post operative ambulatory and COPD patients

Product Detail

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